Patricia Michael, MFA
Landscape Designer and Permaculture Consultant


Summary of Qualifications

Environmental Consultant and Site Designer

Over twenty years experience using a whole-systems approach to ecological design to produce systems that are ecologically sound and economically viable.

  • Landscape and site design
  • Landscape management
  • "Green" commercial buildings
  • Livable subdivisions
  • Land use planning
  • Organizational dynamics and development

Educator and Trainer

Over twenty years experience in teaching, lecturing and conducting workshops.

  • Sustainable living technologies
  • Organic agriculture
  • Over twenty deliveries of the full Permaculture Design Certification course
  • Over one hundred seminars in Permaculture Design
  • Has lectured and presented in the US, Mexico, El Salvador, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand


Owner and Principle Designer, Patricia Michael Design, 2000 - Present

Complete site design using Permaculture principles for a variety of clients, urban and rural, small and large. Consultation, design and installation oversight.

Staff Educator, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, 2011 - Present

Teaches Native Plant Gardening Landscape Design and Landscape Design Studio.

Permaculture Consultant, Universidad Albert Einstein de Mexico, Summer 2012

Taught a three-week intensive seminar on Permaculture Design and Participatory Democracy, summer 2012. Participants included professors, graduate students, government officials and land-owner farmers from USA, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba.

Staff Educator, Austin Community College, 2008 - 2010

Taught CAD for Landscape Design, Landscape Business Operation, History of Landscape Architecture, Landscape Graphics.

Site Design

For the over twenty years Patricia has worked as a free-lance site designer in the Central Texas area. The projects listed below are primary examples from the body of that work; each project has integrated design systems that are ecologically sound and economically viable.

  • 4,000 sq. ft. private backyard in Austin, Texas.
    Formal garden design, rainwater collection, low maintenance, low water use, orchard, raised food beds, flower beds, herb beds, pond, bird feeders, outdoor kitchen including stone barbecue grill and smoker, outdoor dining area, greenhouse.
  • Five-acre rural homestead, Bastrop Texas.
    Designed and executed wildlife ad-valorum tax plan, managing for songbirds and small mammals. Site-planned property for small farm "green" home, workshop and garage, pond, orchard, kitchen garden and wildland. Sited roads, paths. Corrected erosion. Improved soils. Seeded native plants.
  • Five-acre neighborhood garden, Austin Texas.
    Designed site plan. Taught design. Planned and oversaw installation of drainage and collection of surface water, garden plot placement, shade tree placement. Advised client on effective techniques for community involvement.
  • Waterstone Private Wildlife Preserve, Blanco River.
    Coached the owner-designer with her creation for the management of song birds and non specified wild non game species. Worked with a team to design and build a light clay home with water harvest, passive heat and cooling, a full feng shui application.
  • Created a Xeriscape for a city residential property that involved an elaborate metal arbor, an aquaculture and three outdoor rooms. Solved surface water problem.
  • "Greening" of a hotel in Austin, Texas. Sustainable landscape design, rehabilitation, waste management, and resource conservation. This project won two awards from the City of Austin.
  • In partnership with James R. Dawes, architect, designed and completed an environmental impact study for two subdivisions in Lavernia, Texas and San Antonio, Texas. The first subdivision included 50 home sites on 88 acres. The second subdivision included 250 home sites on 100 acres. Both projects included open space, parks and recreation areas as well as wildlife habitats and corridors. Also included were rainwater harvesting and infiltration, orientation for seasons and climate, fire/flood/wind/ and erosion aversion, gray water bioremediation, aquaculture/water gardens, edible landscapes, traffic calming, crime prevention, mixed zoning, clustered parking, and diversity housing.
  • Designed and developed cooperative land use plan for five landowners adjacent to Jacob's Well, a natural springs environment, Wimberley, Texas.
  • Designed interior of Bexar Savings Office Tower Café, San Antonio, Texas.
  • Designed three large apartment project landscapes in San Antonio, Texas.
  • Designed interior, exterior, and landscape for a legal office in San Antonio, Texas. This rehab design transformed a chemically toxic structure into garden offices using bioremediation.


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Patricia Michael and William Meacham: "Permaculture Design," in Feng Shui Society Journal, Summer/Autumn 2001 (London, UK: Feng Shui Society, 2001).

"Inner Development in Service to Community" in Creating Harmony: Conflict Resolution in Community, ed. Jackson, Hildur (East Meon, Hampshire, England: Permanent Publications, 1999)

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"Report from Third International Permaculture Designers Convergence," International Permaculture Journal #32, 1989

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"Controlling Aphids in the Garden." New Alchemy Institute Technical Bulletin 7, 1987


Award: Best Success in Design (Commercial), City of Austin Environmental Conservation Department, the Hill Country Foundation and the Austin Business Journal, for Habitat Suites Hotel resource conservation plan and rehabilitation of building and grounds.

Award: Best Innovation in Waste Management, City of Austin Environmental Conservation Department, the Hill Country Foundation and the Austin Business Journal, for Habitat Suites Hotel waste management plan.

Featured guest on ten Pulse of the Planet programs with Jim Metzner, National Public Radio.

Featured guest on The Next 200 Years with Olive Graham, National Public Radio. Topic: "Regional Land Use and Planning"

Featured guest on National Public Radio in Australia. Topic: "Grassroots Activism for Environmental and Social Change in the United States"

Featured in “Grassroots Organizing: An Interview,” by Peter Bane, The Permaculture Activist

Appointed vice-chancellor, International Permaculture Academy. (I have supervised undergraduate and graduate students from American universities.)

Cover story, The Permaculture Activist, No. 27.

Featured guest on Growing Concerns with Cecilia Nasti, National Public Radio. Topic: "Bioregional Education"

Member of the N.E.S.T Foundation: Environmental envoy to El Salvador.

Selected as one of three U.S. aides at Japanese Garden Installation, Kerr Center, Oklahoma City. Installation was made by eighteen Master Gardeners from Kyoto, Japan, a gift from the people of Kyoto to the people of Oklahoma.

University Teaching

Vice Chancelor and Teaching Fellow, International Permaculture Academy, Tylgum, New South Wales Australia

University of Texas, School of Architecture, Department of Land Use Design, Visiting Professor, co-taught an eco-village design course subjects included were: design principles, planning and development, project management, watershed mapping and modeling, topographic maps, biological resource impact and regulatory compliance, quality standards, site analysis, biological indicators, site selection, soil chemistry, water, wastewater, aquaculture, and storm water infiltration, soil protection, wildlife design, transportation planning and development, wetlands protection and creation, climate of Texas, plants, bioremediation, wildlife habitat, pest management and organic chemical safety, community coordination and negotiation, local economics, disaster and hazard prevention, team supervision, coordination, and pier reviews, budget assesment, preparation, and implementation

Corpus Christi State University, Corpus Christi, Texas, Instructor, Graphic Design

University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, School of Architecture / Assistant Professor, taught design, graphics, and color theory

University of Maine, Orono, Maine, College of Art / Adjunct Professor, taught art History


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Magna Cum Laude, with honors, Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas.
  • Master of Fine Arts, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.
  • Graduate, New Alchemy Institute, Falmouth, Massachusetts, (Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture).
  • Diploma, International Permaculture Academy, Tyalgum, Australia.
    From 1987-1995, studied Permaculture under Bill Mollison's supervision in the following locales: Australia and New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Mexico, El Salvador, and the United States (Massachusetts and Texas). Dissertation topic: "Permaculture for the Cretaceous".


603 Kingfisher Creek Drive, Austin, Texas USA 78748-2424
Voice:   +1 (512) 291-4300

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