Patricia teaches landscape design at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in the spring and the fall. You can find out more and sign up at or call (512) 232-0100.

Here is information about her classes:

Native Plant Gardening: Landscape Design for Small-Lot and Large-Scale Landscapes

Proper design will help ensure a successful native plant garden. In these classes you will learn how to create a list of goals for your landscape, analyze your site (soils, light, water, drainage, slope, traffic patterns, neighboring conditions, etc.) and perform an inventory of existing features. You will also learn about base maps (what they are and how to create and use them) and designing a garden layout and conceptual plan. We will also discuss how to incorporate existing plants and other features into a fresh design and how to find resources or professional assistance. Dress for the weather (sunscreen, hat, water, etc.); some class time will be spent outdoors.

The small-lot class is ideal for participants designing landscapes with one acre of land or less; perfect for designing yards and gardens. The large-scale class is ideal for participants designing landscapes with more than one acre of land.

Landscape Design Studio

Building upon the introductory classes, this two-part class helps you take the principles and skills you acquired and apply them in a studio environment. The first class will be spent learning design graphic options and working on your own design while Patricia provides you with individual assistance. After the first class, you will be asked to continue working on your concepts and develop them further for the next meeting. The second class will begin with an informal sharing session to respond to and learn from each other’s work. The rest of the day will again be focused on producing drawings that allow you to enhance your design process in order to have a clearer design when you finish. You do not need to know how to draw; Patricia will help you.

Please bring: House/Lot/Survey site plan with scale or a detailed drawing of your property with scale, pencils, paper and erasers.

More Information

Here is an informative video about the landscape design series:

Please contact Patricia to inquire about occasional other classes in landscape and Permaculture design.